Put That In Your Glass!

This is my Description.

EHEH. I made a Let’s Play Title for my Slender Let’s Play. 8I 

Yeeeeah! ; u ; 


Currently it is, 7:06 am. I am going to Livestream my playing until 8 am (Eastern Standard Time). Almost an hour of Slender and other games, Including: Ib, You find yourself in a Room, and any others that are suggested too me. 

Bros? Let’s get this started. >:I I’m gonna play Slender ‘til my eyes start to water, then I’m gonna move on.  

http://www.livestream.com/putthatinyourglass (Warning: Turn down your volume. It may get loud.)


The livestream is over, but I saved the recording, so feel free to go and watch what you missed! 

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